About us

That Thing is Comedy has been around for about 2 years now working in London and is a branch off Rolling Sky Productions which is more theatre based. As we work in both theatre and comedy we aim to provide a high standard of entertaining nights across the board. Our nights can include comedy, stand-up, sketch shows, improvisation, music and more. With many venues across London we are hoping to take the comedy world by the curlys and pull em hard!

Michael Buckster

Michael Buckster

Michael Buck is one the promoters who started all this. Michael is a trained actor and improviser. He has trained for many years and also has his own improvisation group, ‘Improvisers Anonymous’, who can be seen regularly performing around London and in particular at ‘That Thing is Comedy’.

He has a finger in many pies as he also runs a promotions company where he manges printing, flyer distribution and staffing events as and when needed.

Without Michael there would be no club, simple as that. He started a comedy night in Leicester Square all on his own and went from there. He soon convinced Martyn Hill to compere for him and everything began to snowball when they joined their clubs together and began to grow as a chain.

As co-producer of That Thing, Michael is also the main booker for our events as well.

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Martyn Hill

Martyn Hill is the other fella involved, he also a trained actor, stage manager and theatre producer. Martyn is our resident compare and budding comedian. Martyn setup Rolling Sky in 2007 and has been producing many theatre shows over the years from comedies to dramas and sketch shows.

Martyn started compering for The Funny Side comedy clubs as well as producing comedy festivals ‘That Thing in August’ and ‘ImprofestUK’. From the festivals he had requests to open a night in Islington but didnt feel he was up to it at the time. However, after compering for Michael in Leicester Square saw an opportunity to ‘buddy up’ and create a new club. He and Michael then opened ‘That Thing in Islington’ and havent looked back since.

Once we had established a club each and things were running well, we decided to go a bit further and opened new clubs in Paradise and Kensal Green, and the latest addition being City Golf. We are always looking to expand our clubs and keep the movement going.

In late 2013 we re-branded ourselves as ‘That Thing is Comedy’ as means to incorporate all the clubs in the different areas of London. We hope you enjoy our nights and have fun. And we also hope you retunr with more people to spread the word.

Our belief is to put on a good show, be as friendly as possible, and make sure everyoen leaves with a smile on their faces.