Andrew Hutchinson


‘Bobby Nitro’ is the alter-ego of management consultant, writer and satirist Andrew Hutchinson. As the founder of Criticalfriend, featured on BBC Radio 4′s World at One, he has worked for government departments, the police, many household names (and a lot of people that no one has ever heard of), mixing with academics, politicians and entrepreneurs along the way.

“If you are looking for an after-dinner speaker, look no more, book him!” – John Nixon, CEO at Carlisle United FC, former Rotary President

Tested as an after-dinner speaker and charity fundraising MC he has a growing reputation for providing a unique take on events which is both challenging and thought provoking.

“He educates and entertains with his takes on leadership, management, the economy, politics and the stories behind the headlines.” – Jason Croke, Lancashire FA

With a wealth of material to draw upon, including losing his sight in one eye in a political skirmish, he made his stand-up debut at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, pushing the boundaries even further, as he satirized and ridiculed his former paymasters.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” – Desiderius Erasmus

Names are changed to protect the guilty.