Christian Reilly


In around 1999, I started playing guitar and singing for the American comic polymath, Rich Hall. Some high points were: winning the Perrier Award in 2001 for “Rich Hall is Otis Lee Crenshaw“, being on subsequent CD and DVD releases, seeing the world, appearing on stage with Seinfeld star Michael Richards and getting on Late Night with Conan O’ Brien. This was about 4 years of my life.

In the gaps between touring, I worked on my own stuff and in 2003 I did a BBC radio show with the hugely-talented Richard Herring, called That Was Then, This Is Now (or TWTTIN as all the cool kids called it). If you missed it, here’s a taste of TWTTIN. This lasted for three series and gave me the great gift of an assembled audience to foist my songs onto.

And it was the gift that kept on giving, for in 2009, the prolific Mr Herring asked me to be in his groundbreaking podcast, As It Occurs To Me (or AIOTM as all the cool kids called it).

I have a *mint* covers band, Novalounge. Me and long-time mate Damian Coldwell (Alvy Ronson from the Black Liars) started Novalounge in Nottingham in the 90s. Book us for your wedding/bar-mitvah/funeral. We’re ace.

I also played guitar in Bill Bailey’s band – Beergut 100 – for a bit, which was great. There is    even photographic evidence to prove it happened.

At the Edinburgh Fringe in 2006, I acted in a part scripted/part improvised interactive murder mystery show, The Murder Show. My character was part Dom Irrera, part Dean Martin and part Lewis Schaffer. He was also psychotic. I very much enjoyed being him.

In 2007, I was on The Graham Norton Show on BBC2, backing if.comeddie award-winner and comedic atom bomb Phil Nichol. We played a song about the Dukes Of Hazzard, to the original cast, who either really dug it or were too polite to say they didn’t. I hope you’ll come and see my show, Christian Reilly: Lost in Music (or LIM as all the… Oh, never mind), which should be playing at a festival near you.


“So much biblical gusto and zest it is impossible not to be possessed by his optimistic persona ****”
“...expresses his disdain for the world through some seriously catchy tunes...hysterical material ****” Three Weeks
“If you’re a fan of Bill Bailey or Rich Hall, you’re probably a Christian Reilly fan already” THE GUARDIAN