Fred Ferenczi


Fred Ferenczi – a tad different.

Fred Ferenczi is gaining a reputation as a bit of a show stealer with his low-energy, mordant, disturbing, awkward, dark and clever routine and is in increasing demand at clubs and venues across the country.

Fred has been gigging for four years and built up a tally of some 450 gigs, at increasingly prestigious comedy nights, including at comedy clubs and small theatres.  He is a very hard-working, far-travelling and (people say) a reliably hilarious act.

He has worked alongside Arthur Smith, Mark Dolan, Dominic Holland, Tony Law, Greg Wallace, Shane Mauss, James Alderson, Bob Mills and many more great comics.

Fred is at home Opening and Closing smaller rooms and for Middles and open spots on bigger, predominantly professional bills. He has solid 5/10/15/20/30 minute sets.  About 60% of his gigs are now paid or progress to paid spots.

Fred has gigged for – and been asked back again by – Out of Bounds, Barnstormers, Fun House Comedy, Chesham Comedy Club, Frinton Summer Theatre, The Comedy Museum, King’s head Downstairs, Mock Tudor Comedy Club, Angel Comedy, Frog and Bucket, King’s Head Downstairs, Comedy Café, Grendon Comedy Festival, Leicester Y Theatre, All-England Comedy Club (Montreaux), Crown Comedy Chertsey, Lansdowne Comedy Club Mayfair, Tringe Comedy Festival, Berkhamsted Comedy Festival.

In 2015 Fred will be supporting President Obonjo in his show ‘The Man Who Stole His Own Identity’.

“Fred Ferenczi is no doubt about to become a cult figure of the alternative. How could you describe him? Well, have you ever seen Ed Aczel? Well, a bit like his imaginary comedy dad after a breakdown....” Sean Brightman ‘We Love Comedy’
“Darkly dapper, a lovely man with a delicious streak of ‘wrong’ in him, like a touch of chilli powder in your Vaseline” Paul David Collins
“I really liked your video – - - On a circuit that’s full of young lads in jeans + T-shirt who all look the same, sound the same and do virtually the same material, your stuff was really different ..keep it up – PLEASE” Paul Haslam, Urban Comedy