Harvey, Garvey & The Kane


At last! The highly anticipated debut of Harvey, Garvey And The Kane!

LAUGH, as the chaps perform hilarious sketches! MARVEL, as they slip seamlessly from character to remarkably similar character! SIGH WITH RELIEF! These chaps don’t rely on rude sounding words to arouse massive titters!

From the questionable minds of Stephen Harvey, (Perrier Award nominee/Javone Prince Show), Marcus Garvey, (Peep Show/Psychoville/Four Lions), and Gareth Kane, (Whatsonstage nominee), comes a batch of finely crafted comedy vignettes that will leave you saying to your friends, “Yeah, it were quite funny, that.”

(Photography credit: Idil Sukan/Draw HQ)

“4★★★★ In a rapid-fire onslaught of superlative sketch comedy Stephen Harvey, Marcus Garvey and Gareth Kane breathe life into the genre, possibly by stealing oxygen from the audience they render breathless with their exquisitely executed antics....” The List
“4★★★★ The comedy world is probably not crying out for another sketch group of three well-spoken white guys with solid acting backgrounds - but Harvey, Garvey and The Kane bring a rare inventiveness to the genre that suggests we might be able to squeeze one more in to one of the higher echelons....” Chortle
“5★★★★★ This show had me, and everyone around me, laughing from start to finish. The writing and delivery of the material is first rate and refreshing. Each member of the trio is outstanding in his performance; they are all fantastic, incredibly funny and expressive actors ....” one4review