James Bennison


James Bennison grew up in the slums of Warwick. Fighting his way through the mean cul de sacs of the small town he managed to make it to Manchester and learn the ways of mathematics, mainly due to the degree he was studying.

Whilst that was happening he accidentally performed a pantomime with a group of ASBO children including his soon to be comedy partner, Sid Wick. They embarked on a mission to provide musical comedy to the underprivalaged masses of Manchester as the comedy duo Slap & Giggle.

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After five years of what has been described by some as “a success”, James moved to London, abandoning Sid to his gambling addiction and loan sharks. Now in the big city, James has taken on a new challange of performing solo stand up, as well as writing and producing his own shows.

This year he is performing his debut stand up show “Professor Bennison’s Life of Pi” which explores the years James spent being a teacher before he was unceremoniously dismissed for undisclosed reasons.


“"Surprisingly good"” Matty White, BBC Radio Manchester