Katie Reddin-Clancy


Katie started performing live comedy in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

This was a foolproof game plan – go and live in Australia for a year and write a one-woman show. What’s the worst that can happen? Financial suicide? Sure, but that was familiar to an actress. So, into the deep water she dived. No armbands or float, bobbing up for air occasionally and a few, ‘Jesus, who’s idea was this?’ moments before, ‘Kate Middleton Show Queen’ débuted at La Boheme, a 55 seater for Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 before transferring to Red Bennies, a 300 seater for Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013.

Katie is now to be found on the London stand up scene.  She’s writing a play, some sketches and her Edinburgh show for 2015 but the marmite is put on her toast through voiceovers.  Remember, an actress is not just, “behind you” for the Christmas panto… she’s there for life.  On your sofa, on your facebook page, annoying you with crowd funding plees.  Put her out her misery and laugh at her.  She might leave you alone…not promising but worth a shot.

“"Reddin-Clancy combines humor, wit and intriguing storytelling with a raw performance..."” Fringe Benefits
““Kate Middleton Show Queen is a bittersweet show about finding one’s place in life. It is also a display of talent, wit, fantastic delivery and zeal!”” Fringereview.co.uk
““Darn good writing throughout…great insights into life, smashing one-liners plus Reddin-Clancy is a quality performer”” Adelaide Theatre Guide