Lynn Ruth Miller



Uplifting story of life, death and the dinners in between. Lynn Ruth Miller is 80 years old. She’s lived a lot and nearly died a few times too. She’s faced massive fears and eaten a lot of last suppers from discharging herself from hospital after being given two weeks to live to starting stand-up comedy at 71. 2013 TO&ST award-winner Lynn-Ruth Miller guides us through eight decades of triumphs and failures, wit and wisdom and the recipes that kept her going throughout. Featuring brand new original songs, unforgettable comedy and inspiring stories.

Directed by Sarah Louise Young  Music by Michael Roulston  Written and performed by Lynn Ruth Miller.


“Others may rage against the dying of the light; Miller – and you've got to love her for it – cranks up the limelight and turns on the mirrorball.” Brian Logan, The Guardian