Nico Yearwood


Nico is originally from the Caribbean island of Barbados; renowned for its rum, beautiful beaches and the chick who sang that “Umbrella ella ella” song.

He delivers his material in natural conversational style infused with the melodic Bajan accent. Despite his laid back demeanour,  the laughs come at a relentless pace making him a definite crowd pleaser.

“Charismatic and very funny. Nico is definitely one to watch for the future” David Geli, Up the Creek Management


““Nico’s relaxed style and fluent delivery means he gets away with lines others could only dream of. Very funny”” Matt Hambly, FHM
““One of the most natural comedians around at the moment, strong material and very likeable.”” Adam Bloom, Comedian
““Nico is a rudderless ship, I pray that one day the Lord will guide him to safety”” His Mum