Olaf Falafel


A unique mixture of one-liners and Scandinavian-tinged stories has earned Olaf the purely fictitious title of ‘Sweden’s eighth funniest comedian’. His recent exploits include, being crowned Hitchin, Stroud and Last Minute Comedy new act of 2013, Winning Ricky Grover’s Comedy Shuffle Showdown, supporting the equally moustachioed Tony Law and managing to beat the Comedy Store’s infamous Gong.

“Olaf Falafel is managing to do something very special. He’s carving a truly unique comedy niche in a very congested stand-up business.

I’ve booked him 3 times in quick succession to play in my various clubs in the knowledge he will very soon be unobtainable to a promoter like me. Any club owner who doesn’t book him, will torment themselves forever, the way I do having turned down John Bishop.”

Ben Moorhouse, Get Stuffed