Simon Lilley


I am not a run of the mill stand-up (whatever that is) and am currently experimenting a bit with my act (been performing in a Primark Union Jack onesie just lately). I have bags of experience and like talking to the audience a bit.

He’s disarming and clever – able to mix word-play gags with solid, original and interesting material – even about the most commonplace experiences and gripes. Sometimes fuelled by a sense of injustice, his occasional – and often truncated – poems can say it best. An amiable and laid back comedian with a strong stage presence, he knows how to rant and he knows how to laugh. A lot of what he says is unashamedly silly and inconsequential. But that’s ok when it’s very funny, which it so often is. Utter Genius. (Review by Simon Lilley, for Simon Lilley).

“off the wall & surreal with some exceptional lines. Really enjoyable.” Geoff Whiting, Mirth Control
“I really enjoyed your set. Some really good stuff. Different and brave.” Alistair MacGowan
“F***ing great” Brendon Burns