Stephen Diplacito


Starting stand up just over 3 years ago Stephen has established himself as a confident and assured performer. He is an engaging comedian with stories about his life, family and facing the subtleties of getting older.

Stephen was described as ‘naturally funny and a very natural performer’ whilst competing in the Jokers Joker of the year competition 2014 and November 2014 was the overall winner of the Blackout at Up the Creek.

Stephen’s style lends itself perfectly as an MC and he regularly comperes the successful CrownComedyChertsey comedy nights.

“...Stephen managed to alert the audience to his shockingly high sperm count, his happy marriage and delightful family life, all without sounding smug. An achievement for anyone and especially for someone getting solid laughs throughout.” Fat Controller comedy
“His stories about his life and the world were very well thought out, inclusive of some brilliant observational humour. He has a knack of knowing what the audience want.” CrownComedyChertsey