Stu Ness


Obsessed with superheroes from an early age and possessing an interest in the human mind coupled with keen observational skills (along with a tendency to show-off), Stu was almost destined to become a mind reader. That and the fact he’s rubbish at shuffling cards. Approaching the mind with an almost casual manner and by utilising his flair for self-deprecation, he distracts his subjects so he is able to take a walk through their thoughts as if they were the rooms of a large gallery, with memories taking the place of the paintings and sculptures. He also has a mildly pretentious streak when writing Biographies.

Using a combination of mental acuity and suggestion, Stu is able to perceive and interpret the thoughts and behaviour of the people he entertains, revealing memories buried deep in the unconscious mind, predicting the future and knowing almost intimate personal details about a stranger’s life.

….Oh, and he lies too!

“He has powers no man should have. He is a constant living reminder that the need for tin foil hats to keep our thoughts safe is as true as it ever was” Joseph Beacham
“It was a good night and there was a lot of good entertainment. The mind reading was mind blowing. People were very amazed. Good job” UK Talent Train
“This guy is fantastic. A very good mentalist” Paul Roberts – Audience member and participant