Stuart Goldsmith


This ‘charming, expert stand-up’ (Sunday Times) has been happily squandering his life in an orgy of stand-up and self-indulgence, but now the parenting bomb is ticking down; if he wants to be looked after when he’s old, he’d better get spawning. Stu’s journey from whistling at girls to cooing at babies is candid, smart and painfully funny, but who’d swap an orgy of self-indulgence to be a crumpled husk? Triple Chortle Award Nominee. Malcolm Hardee Award Winner.

WINNER: “Spirit of the Festival Award“, New Zealand International Comedy Festival, 2013

WINNER: Malcolm Hardee “Cunning Stunt” Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2012

Nominee: Chortle Internet Award for “The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast”, 2013

“Not one single dull moment” Scotsman
“Wonderfully funny” Time Out