The Euromen



We are The Euromen! Anjeyek, Polish performance artist and Magnus
Magnusson Andersen Andersen, Icelandic balladeer. We celebrate the
culture, traditions and spirit of Europe through music, poetry and
tantric massage. Our performance art has been seen across the world
spreading message of peace, love and reconciliation. We use musical
instruments, performance poetry and physical theatre in various
scenarios in part of our “happenings”. These include Royal Pageants
for The Crouch End Women´s Institute Cake Competition, The Nordic Saga
of Egill Skallagrimsson and Evening Wolf, Polish Performance Poetry,
Blue Cycle Route and Iceland: Home of Strokkur.

Polish Performance artist Anjeyek and Icelandic balladeer Magnus
Magnusson Andersen Andersen the culture and traditions of Europe.

Euromen are artists and comedians. They bring you the new spirit,
culture and style of Europe through performance poetry, music, and


Winners of Serial Slashers 2014 – The Euromen was the only
team that was voted back and performed every week. They were the
overall winners of the competition.

Winners of Up Stage 2015 in Moors Theatre Bar, Crouch End, London.

In December 2014 hosted The Euromen Christmas Special with Guests at
The Comedy Museum in the West End in The West End. The Euromen
performed several pieces along with Logan Murray as Ronnie Rigsbie,
Stephen Carlin, Cynthia Levin, Spencer Jones. The Euromen will be
performing at various venues this spring, including The Canal Cafe
Theatre, That Thing is Comedy; at Kings Cross, Comedy Revenge in Penge
and Pull the Other One in Nunn Head.